Interpreter of Maladies, India

Jhumpa Lahiri’s Pulitzer Prize winning collection of short stories was a fascinating throwback to the time I lived in Calcutta. After having been in close contact with Bengali culture, I quite enjoyed the vignettes in the book. The food, the societal norms, the connection to Calcutta were all evocative of a different life, a half-remembered memory.… Continue reading Interpreter of Maladies, India


Refugees, Not Migrants!

This week brought some more spectacular policies by the EU. They include closing off the Balkans Route that allowed Syrian refugees to enter countries like Germany, Austria and Sweden, instating further border controls restricting their flow into Europe, and striking a deal with Turkey where for every refugee sent back, they will settle one in Europe. Yes, the… Continue reading Refugees, Not Migrants!

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The Kite Runner, Afghanistan

Before I read The Kite Runner, I knew of Afghanistan as a war-ravaged country. A country ruled by the Taliban, invaded by George Bush’s American troops and thousands of displaced people, producing the largest number of refugees in the world for a long time before ISIS in Syria happened. The Afghan Girl from National Geographic also stands out in memory… Continue reading The Kite Runner, Afghanistan